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Green IPM Protocol

The movement towards “green” in the field of pest control involves the use of an integrated approach to remove, control and prevent pest problems. This approach balances prevention – an important part of Green IPM™, changing unsafe and wrong sanitation habits, client awareness and a solid collaborative partnership in addition to the judicious use of pesticides, when they are deemed necessary.


A Management buy-in

An imperative step for the successful implementation of the Green IPM™ and the Global Green standards.
Client contribution starts with the importance of agreeing on a pest threshold and understanding the scope of a Green IPM™ plan; creating and implementing processes for general site maintenance, proper cleaning systems, waste management and other aspects of facility management.

A solid pest prevention maintenance process to

  • Monitor and identify pest problem areas,
  • Advise on sanitary measures,
  • Advise on pest proofing techniques,
  • Manage environmental factors to reduce pest infestation

A Tailor-made Integrated Pest Management protocol is embedded into Green IPM™ procedures and plans
Through the careful use of selected natural repellents and insecticides, in addition to mechanical and physical control. This is a fundamental step to shifting towards an environmentally conscious approach and agreeing on the pests thresholds in different locations.


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